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Jul 30, 2010

How to compress PDF file with adobe software.

With adobe pdf reader or pdf writer software you can easily compress pdf files or can make the pdf file smaller in size.

Most of the pdf files are not optimized in size for online use.The pdf document may have images in it.The image makes the size of the pdf file more and more.

Why you need to compress pdf file

Online use -sending mail,upload ,share or provide for download

If you decide to use pdf file for online use then it must be optimized with file size.

Specially sending resume /Cv ,some people prefers to send the application in pdf format.But a MSWORD file of 50KB becomes 200 KB with pdf file conversion.And the some job provider restrict the email application attachment must be below 100 KB as they have low storage facility.

Other web or online activity like sharing , provide a download of your uploaded PDF ,the size of pDF matters with the quality too.

Personal use-in computer

Well in this case if you don't make the pdf online ,you should not worry about the size of pdf ,unless you have a lot of disk space.Its up to you.

Step by step-Compressing pdf with adobe pdf reader / writer

You will need adobe reader writer version above 5

This simple process of pdf compression works with any adobe pdf reader or writer above 5.0 .
To be honest I am not sure about this information as I never had the chance to test .Version below 5.0 is not used anymore .

Now compressing pdf document -How to?

its so simple
  1. Just open your pdf document with your pdf reader or writer
  2. Than click on the print option in the software interface.
  3. When a menu appears then select adobe pdf instead of sent to One note 2007.
  4. Then press " ok " and save it .its done.
compress pdf file with adobe reader or writer easily

More of compressing pdf with adobe reader or writer

Compressed file quality

the quality of the compressd pdf document is quite good as the original is.Eventually I didnot identify any change to compressed files.
The fact is that the compression occurs not in bit based.Thus the quality is almost same.

Compressed file size

I have done a compression of pdf with adobe pdf software recently.
My pdf software version are -
  1. Adobe reader 9
  2. And Adobe acrobat professional 6.0

  • My resume or CV msword file size was 73 KB
    1. The pdf conversion I made by MSWORD 2007, Pdf filesize is 150 KB.
    2. With Adobe reader 9 compressed pdf file size is 104 KB
    3. With Adobe acrobat professional 6.0 compressed pdf file size is 69 KB

Compressed file size Varies

There is no specific math of the file size compression.I have done compression of 20 MB pdf file to 3 MB with good quality in another case 8 MB file was compressed to 2.5 MB.

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