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Feb 16, 2013

WordPress drag and drop theme platform Pagelines optimization


Pagelines is the best WordPress drag and drop theme platform, that has a free version. With the simple tweak and CSS the free version of paglines can compete most of the premium themes.

You can find the resourceful topics on Pagelines theme optimization here.

Aug 19, 2012

Top Best outsourcing websites.

You can earn online by outsourcing, its a reliable and fastest way to utilize skills and earn money.But at first a reliable website is needed to look for job and get paid.There are lots of fraud websites, among them some are popular and reliable.

If you are so interested to work and earn through outsourcing, these are the best and reliable outsourcing websites to search for and do work over internet, get paid with successful completion of work.

List of best outsourcing websites for online earning:

Jun 21, 2012

Google chrome web store:cool and amazing apps from top developers.

google chrome web store
Google is promoting apps developers to develop apps for Google Chrome for a time being,and apps developers prefers in browsers application development as they don't have the limitation of hardware or software like screen size,low processor,low memory that of in mobile hand held devices.

Thus Google chrome web store is enriched with some top level application like angry birds,RPG games,Facebook and other social integration,Google dictionary,Google translate and lots more.

If you don't have Google chrome browser yet then download Google chrome browser from Google official website and visit Google chrome web apps store for application  matches with your taste.

Jun 6, 2012

How to set selected labels to be displayed in blogspot

In blogspot blogger it is possible to set to display which labels to be display in labels gadget of blogger.

Say you have 30 labels ,but only 5 of them are vital ,then you can select this 5 labels to be displayed with blogspot label gadget.

May 22, 2012

Google search now thinks like human


Google has revamped  its search system with new technology called
"knowledge search",a tech to take search query as a thing,not just word.

Say  you search with the word "King".Old search will find results related to the string "king".But with
knowledge search tech there will be option for categorized search.

With the word "king",you might look for information of one category say
"King restaurent" among many others like king soccer team,the last king
movie or history of kings in England.

Windows 8:Redesigned chkdsk and the new NTFS health model

Windows 8 is revamped with the update and redesign of Windows regular chkdsk and NTFS health model.The core concept is to reduce the offline time to solve a disk corruption.

Old chkdsk and NTFS model was simpler.When a disk corruption occurred NTFS would run chkdsk to solve this,isolate and correct the errors.While doing this error checking and isolating system had to run offline,that is user can not do anything else.

As chdsk off line running time was proportional to the volume of files in the corrupted area,offline running time was high.

New chkdsk and Refs-Resilient File System(replacing old NTFS) model is introduced ,to solve disk corruption mostly in online,.Now the disk checking and isolating  is  done mostly in online so that  user can still use the system

Plus chdsk off line running time is now proportional to the number of errors in the corrupted area thus offline running time is fewer seconds.

May 21, 2012

Larger photo view for bigger photos in Flickr:Flickr updated .

flickr news and update
Flickr logo
Flickr recently updated with its core experience in photo view for larger photo's.Now liquid layout is adapted for photo view.A visitor with larger screen can now see a larger photo,the photo area will be stretched within the viewable area of screen.

Before the photo area was 640px.With light box view full image could be  seen with a black background,but  other important page object like comments,photo information was missing.

The liquid capability has its restriction for image size,the area will not stretched beyond the image.

Now Flickr has this capability,the next thing for this Yahoo owned photo sharing site is speed,one thing that Flickr lags from Facebook and Google. 

May 18, 2012

Twitter is adopting "Do not track" privacy option

twitter logo
From now on twitter account holder can use "Do not track" option to stop tracking their online behavior.

This online privacy option is utilized by Mozilla Firefox,Internet explorer and Google has declared that it will also adopt this privacy option in Chrome browser next year.

"Do not track" what is this: If this option is enabled in browser,browser will notify a visiting website about this but under current regulation it is up to the website to honor the request.

Websites like Facebook and Google heavily dependent on data collected of user's online behavior for their business,according to Twitter ,it uses  visitors web surfing history only for tailored suggestion.

May 16, 2012

Top Best of two photo sharing websites

photo share and upload
If its about photo sharing ,there some factors come within ,such as uploading an image,storing it,ease of sharing,enough allocated space plus social feature friendly which is a common trend now.

Best websites to store,share photo images

Google+/former Picasa web
Former Google Picasa  is merged with Google+.Picasaweb/Google+ is the best for free photo storage and sharing.Google+ offers free 1 GB storage,but image below 2048by 2048 px will not count to space.
That is if all your image is below that limit,you have unlimited storage in Google+,but for this you need to have a Google+ account.

The upload interface is good enough and it has become social friendly,now people can share,tag,make comment on image but need a Google+ account to get all this.

There is a desktop application of PicasaWeb called Picasa,which is amazingly fast for simple photo editing and sync to Google+ web album to upload images to web from desktop directly. 

Links related to Google+ image upload/share
Flickr is one of the best photo sharing website from photographer around the world prefers flickr to share ,sell & show off great photos.

But for free accounts,flickr is not that friendly.

Moving files to folders in Google drive:How to

Google drive is a free 5 GB cloud storage for to store files of document and media format.

As the storage is big enough ,the files stored should be organized. Google drive has a simple drag drop or select option to organize files like move files to different folders easily.

Move files to folders in Google drive: 

Can be done in two ways ,simple drag drop and by organize files menu.

Simple drag drop:Place cursor over one file,right click then  and drag it ,drop in to a folder.
move file in google drive

Organize files: Select a file and then click on organize button or click on more there click on organize option than move files.
organize files in google drive

how to move files in to folders in google drive